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AKSA News : logistics-standby-power-package-in-the-midlands
Power Generation Systems
AKSA UK News : Logistics standby power package in the Midlands
12 December 2014

Logistics standby power package in the Midlands

There is a huge difference, in the logistics and delivery industry, between just in time and just too late.

In fact clients may impose penalties for late delivery of parcels, and being very aware of this ethic AKSA took special precautions to ensure that their power generation package was delivered to a Logistics Centre in The Midlands well within the delivery time specified at the outset.

Installed via a local specialist provider two generating sets form the standby package for the main site which stretches almost half kilometre and an area equivalent to 19 football pitches. Powered by Mitsubishi 16 cylinder diesel engines and coupled to Stamford brushless and self-exciting alternators each unit produces an output total of 4200kVA, which is almost 4 megawatts of standby power for the site.

The specifications include low noise acoustic enclosures and Deep Sea synchronisation equipment. This was a signature project enabling AKSA to demonstrate its ability to work to stipulated project deadlines.

Each Mitsubishi drive unit generator weighed 10 tonnes